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NOT P.T. for Doom

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few of you may have read my topic about it. this is basically a proof of concept. it works. it's not polished. it's not balanced. it's very short. but it works.

here's a download link:


(tested with gzdoom. built in gzdoombuilder.)

couple of screenshots:

let me know what you think? is it worth it to expand it a little more?

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Well. it's a circular layout you go through a bunch of times, new enemies and mechanics appear everytime, after that you should move to a different layout, I don't think it would be interesting to go through it 5 more times.

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The concept is interesting, but the execution feels annoyingly linear and repetitive. There's also too much ammo, and all combat takes place on plain ground instead of utilizing heights. The light strobing during the HK fight was a little hard on eyes, avoid this if possible.

For everyone's info, IWAD is Doom 2 and map slot name is "PT", so you need to use console command "map PT" to get there. Note to author, it would be more convenient to either name your map MAP01, or include custom MAPINFO to make this map load instead of Entryway.

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thanks for checking it out. yea, like i said, it's just a proof of concept. it's not designed or balanced to be fun.

what i may try is different triggers for when you bump into a specific wall or when you look at something. this can create some nice surprises. but other than that it's actually supposed to be a circular design that runs in a loop. at some point it will end though. but i'm happy that i got the elevators and stuff right. put me a bit to figure out the correct functions.

also, about the strobe light. yea. :) i've tried different timings for this. you may know how it is when you create a map or a script and test it out. you do it over and over again. it really became ugly for my eyes. one timing actually nauseated me quite a bit.

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