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[SOLVED]144hz/144fps config?

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I got the asus vg248qe TFT and i can run many games in 144hz in combination with 144 fps. its insane smooth, mostly pain to configure ;).
Once a while ago i had a 200hz 200fps CRT quakeworld setup, it looked more real then reality.

Now i tried it in doom 3 bfg edtion but it doesnt work. Some research told me, thats not possible to run doom3 bfg at 144 hz/fps BUT on 120hz/fps, and doom3 non-bfg even with 144hz. what is correct?

In bfg i tried the following things via shortcut, autoexec, and D3BFGConfig.cfg, if i go to monitor osd i always have 60HZ. Also tried to set values in console and then vid_restart, still 60hz in monitor osd:

seta com_fixedTic "1"
seta com_engineHz 120
seta r_displayrefresh "120"

Please advice!

(for people who never tried a 120 or 144 HZ TFT display, or never a 200HZ CRT, THIS IS HUGE DIFFERENT and you missed somthing so far!(shame there are fake 120hz tft around))

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You're trying to get 120hz in Doom 3 BFG? I found a setting in the game's video settings that changes it. I have the same monitor you do. You can set it to 60fps or 120fps.

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HellTiger said:

woah, 46 views, no answer yet. still hoping for some engine guru!

I assume the search engine bots look over everything long before anyone else does.

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oh boy, i cant be the only one who know about this huge benefit of 120hz or even 144hz tft displays. :D

guys wake up!

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I mean, I believe you. I just don't have any idea how to help you. Pretty sure that's 100% of people on Doomworld btw.

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if you set windows to 1920 x 1078 with 120hz, then it works!
just leave com_fixedtic default and set com_enginehz 120.

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