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MODELDEF questions

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in modeldef what does "frame" mean?

Frame <XXXX> <X> <model index> <"frame name">


Are those Xs something I just make up? Whats a model index and where I can find it?

I'm trying to make a crate which is a shootable, has "physics" (if two crates are stacked and bottom one gets destroyed, the top one will fall down) drops random "goodies" and player can climp on top of.

ty in advance.

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You have to remember that models in GZDoom are just a substitution for sprites.

So suppose you have an imp model: there's a state in which the imp is in the TROO A frame (corresponding to sprites TROOA1 and co., depending on angle at which is it viewed.)

The MODELDEF for that imp says that when the imp state requires the TROO A sprites, instead use this model frame.

Model index will generally be 0. It's just that you can attach several different models together in a single definition, and then you have to give a different index to each one. When you use only one model, it has only one index, and that's 0.

Frame name is the model's own keyframe.

Look at the examples on the wiki, it should become a little bit clearer.

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Ok I think I got it but I ran into another problem.

When I try to load up the model in gzdoom builder it shows up as an question mark ingame.

My modeldef

Model CardBoardBox
   Path "miktex/models/"   
   Model 0 "boxtestv2.md3"  
   Skin 0 "CRATELIT"  
   Scale 1 1 1
   FrameIndex TEST A 0 0
and decorate
Actor CardBoardBox 264
//$Category Decoration
  Height 24
  Radius 15
    TEST A -1

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Adding sprite fixed that issue but I'm staring to sound like a broken record. For some reason my box is invisible.

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