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Chex Quest series demos [-complevel 3]

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On 2/24/2020 at 3:20 AM, RadicalMacaroni said:

Chex Quest Done Turbo TAS in 2:30


Oh, what a decent TAS! Unfortunately, the gameplay is missing =(

Edited by Dimon12321

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Chex Quest 2 - 4:46



I used the -skill 4 parameter and -complevel 3

(If any problem I will use another port, sorry)




Edited by kokrean

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Chex Quest 1 Episode 1 NM-Speed 4:00



Chex Quest 2 Episode 1

UV-Speed 4:29



NM-Speed 4:32



*Also, please delete my skill 3 demo, it was a embarrassing mistake, I thought that I was playing in uv, but I didn't even typed the skill parameter.

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Chex Quest 1 E1M1 UV max in 42.14 (previous 42.74)



(By the way, I used static crosshair feature)


Please add the milliseconds to the former wr on the leaderboard.

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