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MIDI Editing Help Needed

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I recently found a couple of MIDIs on the internet that I would really like to use for my latest Doom 2 FFA WAD. However, they have have a couple of issues that need to get fixed....

http://www.mediafire.com/download/smg5cwa5v1ad0og/Motley_Crue_-_Live_Wire_%282%29.mid (At 1:42-1:48 & 2:05-2:06 there is a loud buzzing sound which sounds like a fax machine... it's annoying as hell). Can that sound be edited out completely?

http://www.mediafire.com/download/quozadbv7xqap6c/Pantera_-_Domination_%282%29.mid (I would just like the trumpet sound to be completely removed from the MIDI. No replacement of a guitar or any instrument sound is necessary).

I don't really know all that much about MIDI editing nor do I know of any good MIDI editors. If someone can help me out, I will credit you in my text file when the WAD is released.


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Here you are: link.

The "noise" in the Mötley Crüe track is supposed to be a kind of superfast drum roll and probably needs a specific soundfont to sound right.

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