I have an issue when it comes to mapping. I have honestly never truly completed a map. I have come close a few times, but I always end up being unsatisfied with the overall result and starting over. My issue is I have a very difficult time coming up with a layout that really clicks with me. It is usually too linear, it often ends up a very vanilla hub and spokes layout, or it often ends up just a series of interconnecting hallways and rooms.

I have a solid grasp on the technical side of Doom mapping. I have the ability to create most of the structures features I could want to make, I simply seem to lack the inspiration and overall map layout to create the foundation for these structures. I prefer mapping for vintage DOOM (no ZDoom features).

Are there any things that you experiences mappers do to create a good layout? Is there a particular workflow that you have? Do you usually start with a single room? Or is there a different method that you use?

Thanks for any advice!

EDIT: Here is a sample of one of my unfinished maps. Only the 1st map here is mostly finished. It's an Aztec themed map inspired by Epic 2 and Serious Sam: TSE. The second map is probably only 40% finished and doesn't have an exit yet.