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Senile Samurai

Can someone fix my custom wad so it will work on Vanilla Doon?

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Hi, my brother (Kinky Kimono), my cousin (Geiman Geisha) and I have made this map:

MAP: 01

We've edited it in standard Doom mode however when we run it Doom2.exe or chocolate doom, it crashes and the textures flicker. (It does work on other ports) If someone could help us that would be appreciated. Also could you comment on the please and tell us if you like.


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Your parents and your uncle/aunt all have got a great taste for names! Unfortunately I have nothing more to add.

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The map has too much detail and exceeds Static limits of the vanilla engine (notably 128 VISPLANES, 256 DRAWSEGS). You should either give up on vanilla/Choco compatibility and proclaim the map limit-removing, or remove tons of detailing linedefs and sectors.

I would suggest considerably shrinking some areas and reducing copy-paste for the sake of better playability, particularly the long tunnels were annoying, big rooms with long rows of furniture/computers in the middle didn't play much well either, generally too much walking spoils fun. Monster placement was spammy at places, like the non-threatening pinky demon horde next to a chaingunner horde early on, try being reasonable with placing monsters efficiently without making them tedious to kill due to their numbers and high amount of health. Random damaging floors and places with nearly zero visibility doesn't add to fun factor either. That's what I can say, otherwise the map was OK, nice techbase theme and utilitary structures.

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