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How to do mouse lag?

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I have this idea of replacing degenerate orbs with a player piloted mech but I want to make like a operating a heavy piece of equipment. So what I want do is decouple player mouse look from from his weapons. The player can still look around like normal but where his weapons are aiming "lag" behind.

Is this possible?

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You can create a ton of custom sprites for various weapon X/Y offsets, and write an elaborate ACS script (combined with DECORATE) that will check player's (horizontal and vertical) angle difference from his previous (horizontal and vertical) angle, and update the weapon sprites every tic respectively to the angle and an arbitrary delay as you code it. I'm afraid that's it. I wouldn't do this if I was a modder, the idea of running ACS every tic already worries me, not to mention all the offsetting and coding effort.

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