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So my dad has a new UHD TV (3840x2160 resolution), but no UHD video to watch. He has Netflix and Verizon, both of which offer a trickle of UHD content that costs extra. Sadly, my laptop doesn't support 4K output through HDMI. That leaves the USB connection... according to the website it supports "HEVC H.265" video, which is just fine, except the drive must be formatted to FAT32, limiting the file size to 4GB. That's a sever limitation; a free short film I found called "Sintel" was only 15 minutes long and weighed in just over the limit. Any suggestions?

tl;dr Need awesome UHD movies under 4GB.

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Get a Blu-Ray player and a BD-R burner? There actually are some slimline external BD-R units that can double as players through their USB connection.

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