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Pr-Boom Help

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I have been avoiding Pr-Boom for a long time because it gave me this error message:

But I recently re downloaded it and got the same message. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Also is there any way to make Pr-Boom darker? I can play it with the Doom.wad and I couldn't find any brightness settings.

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copy iwads into prb+ folder.

or wait, does that tag mean your doom2.wad is marked PWAD and not IWAD in its header? if so, get a clean copy of the iwad then.

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Yeah, most likely you broke your iwad with XWE or some other program.
I recommend making your iwads "read-only" to avoid problems like this in the future.

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Figured it out. I must have edited my Doom2.wad because it had a different file size than another copy I had laying around, I put the one with the bigger file size in and it ran just fine :)

EDIT: Thanks Memfis

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