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Alerting all Monsters in a sector via scripting?

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So in the map I'm working on, I have a sector outside of the map which has a few monsters that I want to teleport into the map at a certain time.

I've made a sector which has a door blocking the monsters from teleporters which teleport them onto the map. When the player walks over a certain linedef in the map, the door will open - but the monsters will not walk around and go into the teleporter linedefs.

Usually I've made the monsters become alert by simply connecting the sector the monsters are in to a sector on the map, but the problem with this is there's a chance of the player not shooting at the monsters in that sector, so the possibility of the monsters not becoming alert is there.

I'm wondering if there is a easier solution to this problem so I don't have to connect sectors.

Seeing as to how I'm using Doom in Hexen format, is there a way I can just alert all the monsters in the sector through a script?

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Since you are using the DiH format there is no need to use such an archaic
method as a separate sector and scrolling floor.

In this case, a much better method is the use of mapspots and SpawnSpot,
which allows you to spawn a monster in the exact location you want.

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Also, while we're at it, consider using "UDMF" format instead of "Doom in Hexen". UDMF is far more flexible and basically superseded the Hexen format. I think GZDoomBuilder allows you to easily convert formats of already existing maps.

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