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MBF Invasion

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This is a crazy attempt (yeah, I'm full of crazy ideas :) ) to recreate Skulltag/Zandronum Invasion mode in MBF format.

I've done this map in early 2013, but forgot to release it here.

The mechanism is almost the same, except for lack of messages (it's MBF, right?) and some more minor inconsistencies. But because it's MBF-compatible, you could record demos.

The kill counter shows current/total number of invasion waves.
Currently there is 1 map (MAP01) with 8 waves, perhaps I'll create some more in the future.



READ THIS: wad is NOT working under ZDoom-based ports (because of bad MBF compatibility), so please use either PrBoom+ (with complevel 11), Eternity Engine or WinMBF/TasMBF (I've tested this wad under these source ports)

Waiting for your demos :)

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It's cool. Textfile says there's no multiplayer. That's a shame, for this particular kind of game.

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Well, if either ZDaemon or Odamex or Skulltag/Zandronum had full MBF support, I would have done multiplayer support, because there is nothing special about it - just add more powerups/monsters according to the player count.

Thanks for your demo! You've done that better than my tester at first run :) (he died on 4 wave)

If someone is still interested in it, here is a link to an older version (the one I've released on 2013) and Demonologist's FDA to it (passed with 1 death on 6th wave)

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cybermind said:

READ THIS: wad is NOT working under ZDoom-based ports (because of bad MBF compatibility)

What precisely are the issues? They could get fixed.

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Impressive work, the experience was seamless for me except for a slight delay before the announcement of wave seven.

The viles in later waves weren't too much of a threat. While the bars that enclosed them made it awkward to hit them with rockets, it also had the effect of limiting their ability to target the player. Having a few released with the rest of the horde would have increased the pressure and forced a less passive playstyle. Likewise, i'm not really sure what purpose the cyberdemon served sitting in his little room. Those are just two nitpicks though, it was lot of fun and the progression and amount of ammo available seemed about right.
Here's a successful FDA with no deaths:


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