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Doom 4's Inspiration

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This is just a random tangent, but after watching all of the video available so far, I had a revelation - Doom 4 isn't inspired by the original game, or Doom 3, or even Brutal Doom, but... the comic. Seriously, watch those gameplay videos and tell me you don't hear, "RIP AND TEAR! RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS!" in your head. I just... I never thought I'd see the Doom comic in video game form. That's all I have to say - I am now totally convinced that that Doom comic played some role in Doom 4's development.

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Kontra Kommando said:

Honestly, it just looks like Gears of War, with some doom-like monsters. Maybe that was their true inspiration.

There is some gears of war influence in there. I also think some of the weapons remind me of halo. But that said this doesn't mean there isn't any Doom in there. This is still very much a Doom game as far as I am concerned. And I actually think some of the gears of war inspired enemies actually look more like the monsters from the Doom movie rather than the locus from GoW.

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