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Doom bethesda E3 videos discussion.

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I hope this thread could become a clean reboot for the discussion of what was shown by bethesda because it feels as if a lot...
of threads where made without even looking at the full reveal. The Full show is 2.2 gigabytes in size when viewed at 720p.

The Bethesda E3 show ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KApp699WdE

1. The short teaser trailer.
2. The single player preview in the facility.
3. Multiplayer, and snapmap.
4. Hell.

The first impression i received was one of clean smooth graphics with realy smooth and vivid lighting. The colors are well
balanced, the facility has yellow, red, orange, even blue and red effects around stunned enemies, all mingled into this bleak
yet balanced finished result.

The action is fenomenal, fast movement, brutal executions with no holds barred, double jumping, and climbing. Even the idea behind
showing where the player needs to go for a handprint with a hologram, to then rip an arm of a dead man to open one door shows
the attention they had for these small details.

But when they went to hell the color and silk smooth rendering blew my mind. The style, the lighting, the environment, and then...
Mancubus. Green balls flying towards the player while its belly wobles around. Red energy balls, blue, yellow, it was DooM !

They seem to have taken DooM 3 to then add DooM back into it.

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