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OK, so the demons looks are being redone, what about demon sounds? Do you think they will be like they were in doom 2? Or totally different

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Fredrik said:

They are doomed to suck.

Why? (I bet he's trolling again)
The sounds in the video sounded really awesome (and that's taking into consideration that the quality of the video wasn't very good) - the weapon sounds kinda reminded me of the old weapon sounds and after getting a bit more used to the other sounds, I began to be able to draw parallels to the old sounds.
The imp, however, sounds very differently from the old one - it doesn't hiss (at least not in the same fashion as the old one), it doesn't exactly howl when it takes damage (more like letting out a weird sound which I can't really describe with words) and its death sounds vary but don't really sound like the old imp's.
Also, the possessed commandos don't sound as animal-like as the old one.

But overall, I like the new sounds - they're satisfying to listen to.

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