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Need little help

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Nobody was able to help me on Doom64exf orum so i hope this its a slade3 problem rather than doom64ex thingy:

when i added the new textures to the wad i tried the new grids texture and they appeared with junk pixels on them like this:

so i decided to clear them and then add them again in the wad. i honestly dont know how i should do this, so the way i tried to add them back to the wad was:

1) delete them 1 by 1 on slade by just clicking the picture of the texture and then "delete" option

2) i added them again with the "new entry > TT_START > Import files > add the nex textures > new Entry > TT_END

and then Doom64builder show them like if they are in the wad, but doom64ex show the texture as "unknow" with the "i suck at mapping" (which display when the game dont detect any texture on the linedef)

honestly idk what to do im battling with this error 2 days and i already gave up myself to the point im going to ditch the project until i feel to take it back.

Wad:Fixed :)

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thanks for the help! but the problem its when i try to replace the texture, im not too familiar with slade3 yet, so in d64ex forum told me i should delete the old textures and re add them back, the thing its they didnt told me how to add them back so i assumed was like adding new textures (you know the TT_START marker > then import textures then > TT_END)

but once i add them back, the d64builder detects the new fixed textures, but the game doest... so i dont know how to replace the bad textures with the new ones :/

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Ahhh well that's easy. Just right-click the graphics entry for the existing (broken) image, click "Import" and select the fixed image. It will overwrite the graphic entry without the need to change any texture assignments.

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Many Many thanks pal, the way to replace texture didnt give me any error on the editor and no problem in the game itself, i really appreciated that help! but sadly the texture problem its stil there, on the 3 textures, even on the one you posted here:

i guess i should consider to replace those 3 textures by another.

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When you view the texture inside SLADE3, does it have the bugged yellow outlines or not? If not, then we can say for sure that it's not a SLADE3 problem, but probably a problem with the texture itself being incompatible with Doom 64. Maybe due to alpha transparency next to edges? Try editing the texture (somehow) to remove possible alpha transparency, maybe convert it to another graphic format using SLADE3 and then back, or use a separate graphic editor.

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@DeathMetalAccountant dont worry man you really helped me a lot by teaching me a bit more of slade since im too used to XWE, now that i know how to replace texture its really helpful

@Scifista42 i tried to convert them by just right cliking the texture and then "convert to doom gfx (paletted) all of them, i should said the new color they got looked pretty awesome (like rusty perfect for the map) but sadly doom64ex console gives an error and then the wad cant run any map.

unless i did wrong the convertion i think the only exit its replace them by another texture.

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I think Doom 64 textures must be truecolor PNGs (the game doesn't even have global PLAYPAL at all), so conversion to Doom paletted gfx format (and keeping it) was a wrong move. What happens when you convert the Doom-paletted D64 textures back to truecolor PNG? Do they work? That's what I told you in the first place, to convert them to <something> and then back to the original PNG format. Palettization will possibly degrade their color a little, though - that's why you might better try a real graphic editor. But I admit, I'm possibly advising you completely wrong and the solution might be something trivial, I'm just not familiar with Doom 64.

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@scifista42 well i tried the following:

convert to doomgfx > true png color
doomgfx > doom gfx
true png color > true png color

and end the same result (tried with each texture since i have only troubles with those three) i dont know if this have a fix honestly, the only thing i can tell about these 3 textures its all of them have white background (PNG transparent) i have another middle texture that i use on map03 (the railings) but such texture dont show this error, i dont know if the background transparency for PNG have something to do with this, (because the railing have gray background).

probably gonna end replacing them, any texture wad suggestion that have similar texture for my purpose?

(these are the textures im going to replace:--

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@DeathMetalAccountant :P i got them from 2muchbrown wad jejej i like those kind of support textures.

Playing around with textures, since i though the white transparent background would be trouble i change it to the classical "cyan" transparent from doom and tried to define it as transparent in Slade3 and this was the result:

first i feel kinda dissapointed that this dont have a fix... however then i realized that "if the texture take part of the PNG background in their grid... maybe i can change it to a dark brownish color so nobody would notice it"

im on it right now so going to see if it work as i think


And finally this how look after i did what i though would be the perfect fix:

since the texture get little small trash pixels from the background that make it transparent i decided to use a background that would fit perfectly with those grids and it worked!!

and all of this its thanks to DeathMetalAccountant and Scifista42 So many thanks to u guys with using both of your nice answer i was able to find the right solution for this! Many thanks!

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