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Sound library?

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I'm trying to find a game dedicated sound library webpage that is also free. Yep, that specific. I've seen a lot of modders around here got some cool sounds for their projects. All i'm looking for are generic "new mission" sounds and data beep/typing sounds. I've looked through sound library webpages and i can't find what i'm looking for.

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The only one I know of is freesound.org, but like anywhere else, you'll have to go searching for good samples, and might need to do mixing/adjusting with an editor like Audacity to get things to sound the way you want them to.

For Square, a handful of sounds are from Freesound but way more, non-Foley sounds are from paid royalty-free libraries. Heck, if you have the equipment, get out there and record some weird stuff and experiment with effects. Good clips will not fall into your lap.

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Thanks. I might end up recording stuff with my keyboard anyways

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