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Doom 64 on Steam petition?

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I meant more than conceptual descriptions, though. Like, how many religious art could you possibly find from all those other versions? And not just any art with, like, sinners and demons and some tree, but rather art that would depict an actual location. For most hells apart from the christian, greek, maybe the viking hell as well, and probably another one or two (like something japanese), it would be a great challenge to interpret those written ideas visually in a way that would work in Doom. It does sound like an incredibly interesting undertaking, but even looking through some available information I think that a lot would have to come purely from the designer's imagination, sort of a personal take on those ideas. Kinda like the christian hell has been depicted in so many different ways, actually. There isn't a definitive depiction of that one either, but it's been around the media so much that enough general expectations have formed to recognize it. And there's a lot of tropes associated with it. I can't imagine coming up with other distinct hells to be a realistic task...

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Quasar said:

I've not ever heard such, just that Williams/Midway wanted to do something fresh and expansive with the Doom IP after doing a relatively straight port for PSX (though granting it its own super-dark aesthetic that would carry over in the process).

The project started as "The Absolution," and from what we know from a discussion between FirebrandX and programmer Aaron Seeler, this game was going to be a journey through many different cultures' conceptions of Hell (from behind the POV of a shotgun, naturally). I don't have any idea what they meant by it precisely, but Tim Heydelaar and Randy Estrella both described the initial project idea as going pretty far outside the Doom mold. I don't know if this would have meant extensive story, cutscenes, intensive puzzle solving ala Hexen maybe? Who knows, can only speculate.

Most of the pseudo-Aztec/Mayan/Egyptian theme textures that carry over into the final game's Hell are there because of this initial concept, and are probably its only surviving legacy. That it was going to be "not a straight port" was definitely always a primary goal though.

Sounds like a great idea for a Doom 64 project.

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A lot of the Christian Hell's portrayal is actually heavily influenced by previous ancient art and literature and not necessarily the actual religious texts, like Dante's Inferno (The medieval book, not the game).

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Not to say, stolen to mess with people minds so they would believe that Christianity was there much longer than it actually was. In Jewish tradition there is no concept of Hell as such, as far as I remember. People just die.

But the idea for megawad is interesting.

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I think a better idea is to propose a kickstarter or something similar to Frank Gilman, the lead artist for Doom 64. He has confirmed he has all the files in storage. It is possible he has the lost work also! Maybe if enough could be raised he could even finish the stuff that was cut, if never completed! I feel like there isnt enough interest, but that's what I wanna see! :)

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