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Diabolic County (My Project WIP)

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Hello Community of Doomworld,

I have a few things in one sector, I wanted to make a mod, not a giant and popular mod. Regardless, tell me about my beginning sector. Takes me hours to figure out the height of the player.

Another part of my first sector of, Map01 - Cradle of the Damned, has a mirror. Take a look, and I give special thanks to a user from Youtube, Alex Botkins, who provides a video tutorial on how to use mirrors as linedefs.

The door took me almost two hours to figure the polyobj out. I watched a youtuber, ユキオメガ and Doom HQ, I only watched ユキオメガ's tutorial on how to add a swinging door to another sector. First, I was super confused with the anchor point. This is my dummy sector with the anchor point. I put the dummy sector third try, with success, on the correct edge of the position of the door.

Those green lines are the script I used from ユキオメガ and Doom HQ video tutorial.

Here is the door, here goes nothing



Figure 3 (Final)

I made progress in this first piece. *phew* No PK3s or Monsters, yet. I used ACS Scripting, (I am new at scripting)

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