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Isometric Control Idea/Help

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The camera isn't the issue at all.

What I need is to have a mouse cursor on screen that the player actor will follow similar to monster paths. What I want is to hold down space or a mouse button to enable the pathwalking.

I also need to tweak combat to work as well.

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It would be pain in the ass to implement, but theoretically, you can do this:
-player body actor is just a doll, real player actor freely floats around
-real player actor has a perfectly accurate hitscan weapon, with a crosshair that looks like a cursor
-this hitscan weapon spawns a custom puff where you shoot it
-the custom puff doesn't disappear, instead it calls ACS to alert the player body actor, and then acts as a path node that the body seeks for
-controls might need to be rebinded and further optimizations be made to extend flexibility

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