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Solved - the mystery of the alternative Doom95 exe

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Hey guys!

Some time ago I learned about the alternative Final Doom and Doom95 versions found in some copies of the id Anthology - and I am really grateful for this patch that you made.

Anyway, I was wondering what the difference between the original (6/6/96) and newer (11/96) version of D95 is... and last night I found it.

It's pretty trivial, actually. The newer version of D95 incorporates a little bugfix that was added to Doom's source code release - automatic changing of the sky when you advance to a new "episode" in Doom II or Final Doom. That's right, kids, back in the old day we had to change the sky manually... and we liked it!

Another thing that I noticed is that Ultimate Doom's "Read this!" function is broken with the 11/96 executable. Trying to access it through the menu or by pressing F1 causes an instant crash with some error message. It works fine on 6/6/96, though.

Yes, yes, I know very few oldschool purists still use Doom95 (even I use zDoom most of the time, to be honest), but still - I suppose some of you were probably curious about this issue.


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I wonder if that's all that's changed; most purists don't look after Doom95 (rather, the DOS versions). Vanilla in id Anthology fixed teleporter destinations in Final Doom, too. I don't know Doom95 well enough to know whether this affected it or not.

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