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How To Obtain Blue Key in Unloved.wad?

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After you fall into the grave, you're put in this room here and the blue key is unguarded and in the open. I can get if it I enable jumping, but I'm no bitch and I don't know if that's cheating or not. I want to do my next LP on this WAD but don't want to come off like a pussy. Is there a teleporter or something to get to it? Or is the ONLY way to obtain it is by jumping? I can't find anything that would lead to it, and the text file doesn't say anything about jumping.

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I'm 95% sure you're supposed to jump to get it. pretty bad design because it's never made clear anywhere else you need to have it enabled. But afaik it wasn't disabled via mapinfo or anything, so maybe it was more obvious to the zdoom crowd who are used to jump/crouch being standard?

I got stuck there as well my first time through the wad :D

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I had the same problem, I just assumed I'd teleport into the crib at some point or the like, but no. Jumping and crouching hardly ever factor into the WAD outside of that instance (there might be 1-2 secrets you get via crouching, can't recall offhand), so it is a mite counterintuitive.

I'm very fond of that WAD nonetheless, good choice. Hope BlueEagle finishes the Doom version of the sequel someday, perhaps after he's done with the Unreal engine remake.

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