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Boss suggestion

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I'm making a mapset for Boom that will have 10 maps, and since the maps are coming good (I hope) I started to think on what to do in the last one. I would be glad to do something more nice than the usual IoS battle, but I fear that putting just one custom monster used only one time, it may clash too much with the rest.
I saw how to do very basic things with Dehacked, and Whacked4 doesn't seems so difficult to use.
On Realm667 there are some cool monsters, but since they are in decorate and some has much stuff in there it makes me wonder if it is possible to port them on Dehacked and how much it is difficult.
But most of all, do you think this is worth it to do for just an episode?

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If it is worth to have a (custom) boss at the end of an episode? I think YES. You are basically putting work to creating your own game, and games are supposed to have a conclusion. The better and more unique - the better! :)

As far as I know, there is no DECORATE->DEHACKED automatic converter, so you will need to do it by hand, pick existing states and rewrite their functionality to resemble the DECORATE monster's one, while being limited to codepointers available in DEHACKED (and of course, to the limited number of states, things, sounds etc). I wouldn't say it's difficult, though. If you know what you're doing, you can make any custom monster in 1-10 minutes.

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Well I think I will do this. It's not a priority (at least now), and reading on related stuff I found here in the forum it doesn't seems so much difficult, just as I never do this before it will require some more time. If I have other question I'll write them here.

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