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E3M3 Project

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Good begin but this map is esy to beat in other engines like zdoom derivates like that raising lva pit you can simple get ouver it by running fast (in other posts you can wallrun ouver it also.

I noticed some planeds traps and the layout in yourself is also good, i got a bit surprised to see the key that you see after teleporting is not going to be that you pick on end of the way good work.

bout the slot, err? you make the map be a bit mixed of tech + hell, looks beter for the episode 2.

You looking to finish it? (i'm asking because some plyers also put only concepts to be finished later like old e1m6 and e1m7)

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you dont need to, you can only retexture the much tech areas to a more hell look to mke its fits, also episode 3 is really needing of maps.

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