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Cities Skylines make me wanna die...and also modelling.

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Hello there,

I'm having some trouble with a car model I am trying to import into the game, I am failing, hard at this...I'll just copy paste my post I made on the forums, incase nobody replies there. the message inside the quotes is that post


I recently exported two vehicles from GTA Vice city, the Glendale and Oceanic. I managed to split them into two and merge the front end of one, onto the back end of the other. I optimised the model, I gutted out the insides, made it a flat car as if it were made of paper.

The model looks O.K as seen below. But my problem comes with texturing, of all things.

Originally I took the models and split and merged them and tidied up the model in SketchUp, then exported it for texturing in Blender...which I did (Those aren't the final textures in the image there, it has much better mapped..it's not showing because I don't have it set to be, although the render does.)

The textures are meant to be so one half will be coloured and one half white...but I cannot actually test this as the car shows up totally blank in the game's import screen.

I have tried a variety of model formats as you can see, and all sorts of folder arrangements...I am just not at all sure what to do. I think I textured it properly...there is a base material where I then apply a texture too. But what then? I have put the model and textures together for import but no luck.
I have followed tutorials on texturing, but still no luck there either. I even tried using FBX converter from Autodesk to but to no avail.

If anyone can help that would be great, I can't even test my model to see how it looks as I can't get it to show up. I am quite the beginner at this as you can tell."

I have no idea what I am doing wrong, so any suggestions would be awesome because this is killing me here. Thanks in advance for any help.

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