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How to add custom weapons?

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I have GZDoom Builder and GZDoom engine (with doom.wad, doom2.wad and etc) AND Project Brutality v1.2 DOOM (.pk3, mod)

I can create veeery simple maps in Doom Builder and run them in my doom game without any problem.

I can't load Project Brutality v1.2 DOOM resourses into GZDoom Builder. Just getting this error:

Why do I need this? Cas in vanilla doom i have only about 5 guns. Project Brutality v1.2 have about 10-12 of them.
And i really need to use them in my map.

Can you help me please?

P.S. Sorry for my English, guys.

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no need to apologize for your English mate, your English seems great :D

in terms of the problem you're having, it's actually really just exactly what it says on the screen. I'm not sure why GZDB still has this problem, but I've encountered it a few times using wads like this as resources. as it says, it'll spit out an error any time two files in the same directory have the same name. so if you open up the pk3 file in Slade, punch "decorate" in the filter at the bottom, you'll see there are two files in the root of the pk3 that are named DECORATE. what you can do to fix this is just rename one of them yourself, as shown here.

the only problem with this (renaming one) is that now you've altered your copy of the pk3 and it will be different from the version that others will have downloaded (unless of course they decide to make the same modification themselves). this could be a problem if you try playing online with people, because two different versions won't work together, but otherwise if you're just playing in single player it won't be an issue

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