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Terminator Genisys poster DooM 2 style

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I knocked this one out fast for a contest. I might finish it and make some changes like having the clothed T-800's head a little higher and changing the shotgun for a more modern looking one. originally I was going to hide the sausage with some deb-re but decided that mist would make more sense.

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That's pretty cool, looking forward to the finished picture. Are you going to add the Terminator title but with Doom styling?

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Well I didn't win free tickets to the movie so I guess I'll just have to pay money like a normal person to watch this film. Teh Penis is hidden under a veil of mysterious fog. just like in the movie. don't really feel like adding a title, but if I do it will be DooM style.

I've started a new Doom 2 inspired poster that's a bit different. it won't be better but I think you'll like it.

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