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New Monitor New Problems

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Hello fellow DOOM players.

I'm running into a rather strange problem.

Yesterday, I was using GZDOOM on a 1080p monitor, and it worked beautifully.
Everything was scaled perfectly and the game ran fine.

Today I just hooked up a brand new 4K (UHD) monitor and GZDOOM is a mess.
The entire screen is zoomed in.

Oddly enough, when I take a screenshot it shows the screen being fine...

However, on screen the game look like this...

It's all zoomed in a what not.
I've been looking for a fix for hours and have come up with nothing.

By the way, I don't necessarily need it to run in 4k, I'd be fine if it ran in 1080p or lower, I just want it to be playable.

Any ideas on what I should do to fix this problem?
Feel free to ask for any additional information.


~ Jason

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Yes, it's a known problem that this high-dpi auto-scaling can create problems with applications that are not prepared to handle it. It's a mystery why operating systems have implemented this in such a broken fashion.

You can switch this off when right-clicking on the EXE and going to the 'Compatibility' tab.

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Does GZDoom not support 4k resolution?

Limitations are for wimps.

Truly good stuff surpasses all boundaries.

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You guys are fast!

Thanks for the help, everything is working as it should in beautiful UHD!

I had no idea this was a known problem.
It really does make you wonder why this has never been fixed or updated.

As for GZDOOM supporting 4k, I'm running it on 3840x2160, but I'm sure it's upscaling it.

Thanks for the help guys.

~ Jason

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