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Doom Porsche - Possible Carmack connection?

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I'm assuming this has probably never been seen because of it's obscurity, but hopefully someone knows more about this. Maybe Romero or someone can chime in.

I'm a casual car race enthusiast and was recently reading a book that highlighted Bob Norwood who was one of the biggest names in extreme racing in the 90s. I think his shop was located in Texas at the time (it is today).

We all know Texas was where we (us Doom fans) originated in a way, and I know that J. Carmack had a Ferrari that was modified in Texas - IIRC it had a turbo/twin setup. Bob Norwood's specialty was building Ferrari and Ferrari clones.


The article states that the original was stolen and never seen again. The car was built with sponsorship money from Id - either Carmack or the company itself (article doesn't state)

What a mystery that would be to solve 20+ years later! Two more were built to replace it.

*Update I dug a little more and confirmed the Norwood - Carmack connection, so this Porsche is some byproduct of their relationship.

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