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questions about mapping for Brutal Doom

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Laugh if you like but I'm trying to make a BD map and I'm not sure where else I even have a chance of finding answers to these questions...

1) Are hand grenade pickups even a thing? I've tried including the BD .pk3 in Slade but they still don't appear anywhere on the list of things afaics.

2) Why are trees burnable and how can I translate this behavior to other objects? I wanted to have a garden-type area burned down by mancubi, but the trees from Realm667 that I wanted to use seem completely fireproof when I load them in BD.

Don't judge...

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The trees in Brutal Doom can be burned because they've been programed so that they have "health points", like an enemy would, and death states for "regular" and "fire" deaths. This what enables you to burn or destroy them.
The trees in Realm 667's repository are just like vanilla decorations, they don't have health points or death states. They're just static set pieces that can't be interacted with. If you want to make them compatible with Brutal Doom, you'll have to make a new actor that inherits from the BD trees, and that has the same states, but uses the sprites of the trees you got off Realm667.

Regarding the grenades, I don't know. I never seen a grenade pickup in BD. Maybe you get them from rocket pickups?

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1) You get grenades from Backpacks. 5 grenades on each.

2) As horrormovieguy already explained, you need to set your own states for the Realm667 tress. The first thing you need is to give them Health, and the +SHOOTABLE and +NOBLOODDECALS flag. Then you must give the BloodType "TreeBlood" to the actor, so it can spawn wooden chips when hit by bullets instead of blood. Now you must make your own death states, which will make the tree catch fire when hit by flame weapons. Take a look at the Tree actor on Brutal Doom (The actor name is Big_Tree, it is at line 130 of lump NATURAL.txt) for reference. Try coping and pasting the actor to your wad, and modifying it to have the new sprites you want. Remember that you will have to photoshop these trees yourself to include new graphics such as being destroyed by bullets or burned.

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While we're on the subject, any idea why some Realm667 guns work with BD but not others? The nuclear missile launcher works fine (awesome) but when I try to include the rivet gun, it works at first but I can't switch to it (even if I add Weapon.SlotNumber 6 to the decorate).

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