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Switching game configurations

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Sorry for redigging the thread. But... what's going to happen when I switch the game configuration from Doom2 to, let's say, ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format), when I have almost two maps prepared?

I wanted to try switching it some time ago, but it gave quite an intimidating warning (can't remember it exactly, something that might be summed up as "Hmmm, well, you've done all those gimmicks in Doom format, don't you think that switching this configuration will probably flip everything over, and leave you with redoing a hell lot of things?") and I wanted rather to leave it alone for that moment.

But I'm curious, how it would screw me? Especially that those are my first to maps and I have some mechanisms there (doors, switches, traps, crushers, one way monster only teleports).

Hope I'm more or less understandable, I'm not feeling well...

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I've never heard of someone making a new account to dig up an old thread to ask a question unrelated to the thread but to answer your question however, you would have to go through your map's linedef properties and change them all to the ZDoom properties (it's a bit different and more indepth) but apart from that it should be fine. If you also want to implement ZDoom features you'd have to edit your map in such a way to include them, otherwise it's entirely pointless and you may as well leave it as vanilla, since it doesn't change the map in any way otherwise.

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