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No music

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This is quite an unspecific problem but I'm hoping someone has fixed the same problem and can help me out as well. Abruptly and for seemingly no reason, one day the music stopped working in nearly all my Doom ports. In fact it only works in GZDoom and 3DGE. The other ports I have that no longer play music are:

Chocolate Doom
Legacy (plays CD music)
Doom Retro

I think this might have coincided with a Windows 7 update and it wouldn't be the first time it's fucked something up but I'm not very IT literate so I don't know where to look.

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Try installing a midi driver like Timidity or Virtualmidisynth and making that the default midi device.

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Are all those SDL ports.
I have a report from a windows user that when they update their SDL it fixed some problems, and I think it was sound related.

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