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Blind Gameplay REALLY

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Well truth you if you want - I have seen on internet (br sites) a guy playing super mario world 3 in 24 minutes blinded ( http://www.baixakijogos.com.br/noticias/rapaz-termina-super-mario-world-olhos-vendados-24-minutos_811821.htm )so i tried to find something similar on youtube but to doom, well i got one boring lets play blinded but i hate his chat during game, so i decided do myself, the 7th try was useless mouse was killing me, so i take it off and lets use keyboard only like old time heh, i do 2 plays slowly, later i begin, I took my shirt tied the sleeves in the eye, so lets play and surprising after 3 try i got the e1m1 and well i do the same in e1m2 but i resing on e1m3 is impossible to me there...

who want to do it i'll be very happy to have a full episode run whit closed eyes (note is easy skill and pistol start)

Boom plus used.

E1M1 - 3 Trys
E1M2 - 8 Trys

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Tarnsman has been playing through The Ultimate Doom blind on twitch.tv, on easy skill. So far he's beaten episodes 1 and 2 with his monitor turned off, using sound cues and hand-drawn maps on paper.

The streams so far:

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