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Little Faith

Switch stupidity.

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Excuse me for being a party pooper but there is a slight problem with the switches.

Right now we are putting all our resources, both Doom and Doom2, in one file. That's fine but you have to be wary about a little tidbit.

In the Doom2 wadfile the switch-textures SW1BRN1, SW2BRN1, SW1STARG, SW2STARG, SW1STONE, SW2STONE, SW1STON2 and SW2STON2 are for some mysterious reason all made to look like SW1BRCOM and SW2BRCOM.

Since we are replacing all levels anyway I strongly suggest that we use the Doom1 switches in this case instead of the lame swbrcom clones in Doom2.

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This has been covered already but thanks anyway :)

I see your point about using the doom1 textures if the doom2 ones are all just copied from brcom, but I want to keep compatibility with existing doom2 wads. I still think the best thing to do is keep the doom2 versions and have a patch for doom1 support.

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