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Getting Multiplayer to work on Doomsday (OS X)

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I've used Doomsday Engine for quite some time, and after updating it, I've found that it has some vastly improved features, along with the inclusion of a separate Shell program for hosting and joining multiplayer games (you can also simply join a game by clicking 'Multiplayer' and 'Join game' in the main game, prompting a window displaying joinable games)

Each time I click on someone's game, it seems like it tries to connect and then quits. Nothing happens on my screen, but the command long shows some activity (something like 'Connecting', 'Disconnected'.) I tried using the Shell and entering IPs manually, to no avail. Also tried hosting a local match. Nada.

I'm on a Mac with the latest operating system installed (OS X Yosemite), if that helps any.

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Have you raised the log filter settings for network to maximum (X.Verbose) (so Dday logs as much as possible about network connections)?

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