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New Monster Sprite I'm Working On

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...is my current avatar picture, check it out! The full walk cycle is complete and there's also a lunging attack you can see here. I'm gonna try to keep the proportions within 64x32 and resize it when I'm done if it doesn't need more vertical space.

Basically it's a half-cooked demon spawn, like a crawling evil demonbaby, inspired by the boxart of the original DOOM. It's gonna be a fast ground-crawler like the +fastmonsters pinky, only harder to hit due to a smaller hitbox and lunging attacks like the Fiend from Quake. My idea is that modern sourceports could use a monster that makes novel use of vertical space: I'm hoping its hitbox will allow a careful player to quickly duck under the apex of its lunge, or jump right over one as it crawls around. I'd like for it to be generated from special spawners, and form half of an "intact" version that can get blown in half. Since I haven't coded any DECORATE yet, maybe someone can help me find out if it's possible to give this monster the following characteristics:

-A long-range lunge, and a more punishing melee attack that does several frames of ripping damage,
-Leeching health with successful strike (seems possible),
-Regenerating to a full-sized standing demon by seeking out and consuming a corpse(?!),
-Creating a "master" monster which can makes these things' corpses explode, or use them to regain health(?!),
-Have special characteristics like regen when in "liquid" (or ideally, with the blood texture),
-A creepy wallclimb that lets it snake into open windows and up cliffs.

I've only gotten back into DOOM in the last few months through Zandronum, and finally got a chance to play some of the mods with new great new monsters, but the sprites I've seen are almost exclusively palette-swaps or ripped from other games. Sorry the images are so small, but they're in native resolution and I can't be arsed to resize every frame in the freeware I'm using. If there's interest, I might work on more new monsters or make frames for use with Brutal Doom! Looking forward to hearing peoples' thoughts on this!

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