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On 3/23/2020 at 2:00 PM, Jaska said:

@Shtbag667 Looks very good to me!



I did some more fire stuff, this time I'm working on getting the attack / disappear animation for a clown boss finished. Here's the rough animation. It's gonna throw a fireball or something and then vanish momentarily and the reappear from some more fire I think. I'm figuring out what it should do as I go.


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Tried an m231 firing port rifle


its kinda small though will have to increase the size


There much better


Oh yeah credits to ravage id and JoeyTD

Edited by nue

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Originally I was using the 'Repair Tool' Marcos' vehicle pack, but uhh, the sprites for it are kinda raw, so I just redesigned it into a Plasma Torch-type system (inspired by Alien Isolation) by recolouring willuker's Welder UV shield (from his USCM armoury mod) and giving it a new muzzle flash.

Credits are a bit funny, I'm not certain if Toenail made the OG sprite, and Marcos made an edit of it (though that's debatable considering his history of using resources and not providing credits)

Would be useful for Chainsaw-replacers, or a "tool/key/weapon" hybrid that you could use to open certain doors (welding/repairing, etc) that deals bonus damage vs robots or something.

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I have a bunch of projects I'm working on right now... and this is NOT one of them. Gotta love procrastination-induced creativity.


(a standing frame of an enemy from Rise of the Wool Ball with added rotations)

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That's the one! Can't remember how/where I found it, but it's opened up a whole new world for me since I got it.


I think next I'd like to try to reanimate the Lost Soul with super smooth flame effects.

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Can't wait to see more of your stuff. That already looks super promising. I want to incorporate this tool into my workflow as well. Has this sort of neat pixel style that ordinary blender particles sometimes lack. Even though those are also particles, heh.

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More particle fun: working on remastering all the classic game projectiles in as faithful a visual style as possible. Still can't quite get the colors exactly right, will work on it further.


ClOCtF0.gif oCJQv0q.gif



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More Angel sprites concepts


Pistol Doll: (Hatless, Dutch hat, wielding pistol). An angelic doll wielding a handgun. It's a normal sized handgun and far too big for her.



Ophanim: A many eyed angel that rides on a burning wheel. Homage to the Cacodemon.



Currently working on the 8 base poses for the Doll. The Ophanim needs alot of work, especially the wheel and eye rings.




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Here are a couple of monsters that I have modified, but I done a whole new DECORATE and GLDEFS files for each of them so their behaviour and attacks are different from the originals. Modified Chaingunner and modified Baron. Neither of these f*** around. They are stronger, faster and more deadly. 



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On 4/7/2020 at 9:00 PM, Gifty said:

Using a pixel-art particle designer I made this neat torch animation in about 30 minutes. It's even Doom palette and proper pixel size! Neato! I'm excited to try some other effects.



The flame is broader, but apart from that I was sure it's the original torch.

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5 hours ago, Gifty said:

The teleport is ready, Dr. Carmack...




(Also, WIP lost soul remaster:)


Is this for smooth doom? and aniway, what are your future plans for smooth doom?

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Misc props (Chains and Mine stuff from DKC), the pillar one based on this and I also tried to convert the Tortured Baron wall into a prop.




Unholy Puyo 2.gif


DKC2 Mines.png


Edited by Ganbare-Lucifer

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5 hours ago, WARDUST said:

finally, this for SmoothDoom and the Randomizer:







These are some fine looking sprites! Are they open for use? I'd love to have a closer look.

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