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2 minutes ago, Ralphis said:

Is she trying to saw her head off?

She's actually holding the sword with two hands and balancing it on her shoulders. I did it that way because it's a cocky way to hold a sword in battle and second, her death animation requires her to have her blade in such a precarious spot. 

I can see how it could look like she's trying saw off her own head. Not too far off from what's going to happen next.

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On 10/13/2020 at 10:51 AM, Nootrac4571 said:

I found a photo of this sculpture (Tower of Souls by Scott Dow)


Thought it would make a lovely decoration:




man that thing is so doom, how hasn't it been in the game yet.

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Death animation and palette swap of the Virtue Virgin (Palette swap of the Authority). I'm gonna use her as a placeholder for the baron until I can come up with a better idea for the baron replacement. Since the hell knight is a palette swap of the baron, it kind of works.



Edited by RomDump

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The blade effect is very rough and blurry, and pillow shading on it maybe?
And why did she commit suicide? Is she friendly or harmful?
This gives me a klassic MK vibe but i expected a Doom-esque death.

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5 hours ago, HitBoi64 said:

The blade effect is very rough and blurry, and pillow shading on it maybe?
And why did she commit suicide? Is she friendly or harmful?
This gives me a klassic MK vibe but i expected a Doom-esque death.

Alot of people have told me it looks like she's killing herself. The frames are playing all at the same speed, so it does give off that illusion. What happens is her hand gets blown off, causing her own sword to fall and decapitate her. I will have to adjust it though.

The blade effect is off as result of the way I saved the file. It looks better in the actual game.

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I made outfits for Ralsei, Susie, Klug and Maguro depending on the Doom mod wad playing.


Normal for Doom Maps

Casual for Doom Maps, just adds extra flavors if you're bored of using the normal outfits (Can be added with Duke Nukem mods too!)

Pirate for Pirate Doom

Wild West for High-Noon Drifter, A Fistful of Doom and other Wild West themed mods

Medieval for Heretic, Hexen, Rekkr and other Medieval themed mods

Russian for Russian Overkill, OUR SOVIET MOD, COMRADE!

Sci-Fi for more sophisticated Sci-Fi themed mods like Back to Saturn X

Wolfenstein for Wolfenstein-related mods, or WWII in general

Demon for Heart of Demons, mainly for mods where you can play as enemies such as Baron of Hell, Revenant, etc.

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On 11/5/2020 at 12:48 AM, Ganbare-Lucifer said:

I got bored one day, and decided to make sprites based on animals. Might sound furry, but I have a backstory for it: Basically they were an experiment funded by the UAC to implement animal cells on humans to have the strength and skill of them with man intelligence, fortunately, nothing hell related happened and the infants were raised to adulthood where they now are working on the UAC and fighting against the demon invasion.

Commander Pyotr Grizlevich - Russia
Captain Terry Buffington - USA
Private Shawn Weasley - Australia
Professor Rudolph Van Hirschberg - Austria

Used the scientist sprites by Skelegant, so credits to her!

Full sprites on wad here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1m5wjjm0t0vhn5o/ZooGenexUnit.pk3/file

I have in mind more! So stay tuned!


These remind me of the classic Hasbro set of toys called Battle Beasts from 1980's. Great stuff!


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Pancor Jackhammer


Original Model used for rendering here:
https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/low-pol ... 78f01006a5

Rather than just use an ugly MK3A1 Jackhammer, I decided to mishmash elements of the original Sheet steel prototype (as seen in Forgotten Weapons) and the MK3A1, with the barrel of a HK CAWs instead of that ugly muzzle brake the Jackhammers used, though if one really wanted the MK3A1 they could look for CaptainJ's original sprite sheet.

Just make sure to give credit, including Me, TastyTony and CaptainJ if you use this in projects and edits

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11 minutes ago, Negatronica said:

This is a front view attack sequence w/ gib explosions for another clown ghoul I'm making for happy time circus 3. This one attacks by shedding its skin and flinging gibs everywhere when its target gets too close. It is unable to attack when it's reforming itself. It will also have a trailing spine behind it which I did for a similar enemy and that technique creates a cool 3d body effect. I might redo the spine and gibs depending how it looks in-game.




beautiful monster, I will follow your work

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Here's a couple of weapons I made. First one was basically just CTRLC+CTRLV of the rocket launcher sprite with minor editing. The second gun is a recolour of the chaingun. Last gun is basically the shotgun but I grabbed the smudge tool and dragged down from the barrel to make a rifle-looking kinda gun, however the world/pickup sprite is just an SSG sprite with the brown removed and the clip sprite placed under it.


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Started work on my newest angel, the Principality (Replaces the Mancubus). The black part of her dress is going to have blue lightning resonating through it (Almost like one of those trippy plasma balls that every hippie has along with a lava lamp). She's kinda a cross between catholic bishop and southern Debutante who shoots lightning bolts and charged bolts from her umbrella. Naturally, she's be a stereotypical Ojou, complete with the ojou laugh. OHOHOHOHOH!



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On vendredi 13 novembre 2020 at 10:44 AM, TenenteZashu said:

Found this image on Reddit and was inspired by a post on this thread to make this sprite:


Made it Doomier by replacing the flowers with actual Doom skulls, and turning the leaves a the pinkish-red of Doom gore. That did involve making it a little bit smaller:


Skulls were taken from the collection gathered by @NaturalTvventy from alpha/beta/unused resources.


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