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On 12/15/2017 at 3:25 PM, kb1 said:

Very cool! That would go well with the Christmas imp in a Christmas map!


By all means, go for it :)

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All right, here are some sprites I put together:



From the Wolf O'Donnell player skin. This was my first time making a player skin so I was unfamiliar with Doom's color palette, and as a result the sprites came out more dark/grey than they originally appeared on this spritesheet here. I used an existing Star Fox-themed model set for Garry's Mod to get the perspectives and went from there. I found out later I'm not very good at making a believable walking animation...



Chip the Cookie Crisp mascot. Made this from scratch in MS Paint as inspired from Shadow of The Woolball's style of animation.




Shadow Doom Marine skin - a simple edit inspired from Noob Saibot of Mortal Kombat and Shadow Jago in Killer Instinct Gold. I just now realized on this particular sheet even the gunfire is black, but this is not so in the actual player skin.




Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Also used Garry's Mod for perspective and it's more of the same kind of awkward animation.




Bill Rizer and Lance Bean from the Contra series (specifically their Contra III appearance). Only one frame mistake that slipped through - Lance's first death animation still has a red headband.

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A few shitty sprites I made from scratch:


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Casually reviving this thread:




A hell tree variant cuz seeing one and the same tree all the time gets boring.

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