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What to play next?

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Hi all, I'm looking for another good WAD to play. I prefer the classic DOOM WADS as opposed to the heavily modified/futuristic stuff. Recently, I've played the following:

Perdition's Gate
Plutonia Revisited
Unholy Realms
Going Down

I really liked all of these... anything to suggest along these lines?


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Scythe. Again.

No but seriously, Momento Mori is one that I'm very fond of. There's also a one map wad called Hellrun that you might like, it's a classic map that takes me about 30 minutes to beat. Damn it's fun.

I've made a vanilla-compat wad called TheDevilzWork which you also might enjoy if you're into OS stuff :)

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Valiant is a beautiful piece of work, but I wouldn't consider it classic Doom.

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I'd recommend Demonfear by Adam Windsor (the name speaks for itself). It's a Doom 2 megaWAD. Short and to-the-point maps, good map design and concepts, reasonable challenge, no custom textures or any other "tweaks".

Have you played Dystopia 3? Talosian Incident? They are definitely worth a try.

I should also mention the Innocent Crew's "Slaughter Until Death" and "The Evil Unleashed" - they were among the first custom WADs I ever played.

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