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3D Platforms Over Water (Risen 3D)

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Hello, everyone!

Old time Doom editor here, back from the ashes of a very long period of downtime.

I have a pretty big project in the works that may grow to be up to ten maps. I've got slopes, 3D floors and water effects down pretty well. My maps use all of these pretty extensively (but tastefully) to create a pretty immersive environment. I have over 250 custom textures (that I made myself) and counting.

I'm an old hack with Photoshop, too. ;)

But anyway, I've run into an old problem of getting a 3D floor to work over swimmable water. I got it to work before way back in the day, but can't remember how I did it.

If anyone could help me out with a few tricks for this, I'd certainly be very grateful!

Thanks, everyone, and it's great to be back!

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You make the water also a 3d floor.

You can have multible 3d floors is the same space (just make multible dummy sectors) and give one of the 3d floor dummy a swimmable type (just under sector tag). I don't know if this works outside of udmf.

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It does, it works in Hexen format too, well the stacking of 3d floors does...making one of them water like underneath I dunno, I've not tried out water before.

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