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WhackEd 4 - How to apply patch file to DOOM2.EXE?

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LittleInferno said:

I'm using the original executable (Of Doom 2), and apparently you have to patch the .exe with the DeHackEd patch. How can I do that?

Whacked produces .deh or .bex files that are supposed to be loaded alongside the wads themselves on source ports.

If you actually want to use the original executable on an old PC or DosBox then you need to use the old Dehacked tool. Explain what you want to do for better help.

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Just to clarify: You can create your .deh patch in WhackEd4. But to apply the patch to your vanilla 1.9 executable, you need to use DOS Dehacked editor with -load parameter. Download it here and carefully read setup instructions, they're not exactly intuitive (you need to read both README.txt and DEH_HELP.txt).

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