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After Doom (seven maps )

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The last added map (Hate Never Dies) is a truly difficult experience I must admit, while having only a few secrets (2) it is surely the most difficult one from the list. Never felt so stumped by the enemies in different arenas, even the beginning kicks ass. Mine only gripe are the health pickups and maybe the ammo in final arena.


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Last map was really cool indeed, even though the final arena was a bit grindy but truly epic at the same time.

So, is Argent D´nur a possible map that ends After Doom? Anyway thanks for the work, amazing map pack.

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@Martinoz @Soulless thanks for commenting guys, you are very kind. Soon I will add a soulsphere in the final part, which will be enabled every time the player exterminates a wave of monsters. and I will also give more ammo for the powerful weapons (rocket and plasma).

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