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Kontra Kommando

Some issues with lag

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I'm working with enormous sprites and textures for my current project, so there's bound to be some issues with performance for some PCs. However, I'm able to play most modern PC games on usually the second to highest graphics settings. So it sort of strikes me as odd that Doom would give me some lagging, even with these HD sprites and textures.

Right now, I'm not at my personal computer. So later I will be able to elaborate with more nuanced information.

But basically, despite the Pk3 having a few errors I need to address, it seems to work just fine on the vanila doom levels. Moreover, since I have not balanced it for those levels, the enemies are numerous; so its not an issue of their count. Nor is it an issue of the textures on the walls. I get this lag when I play the custom map.

This leads me to believe that perhaps I'm starting to experience lag is because the level may be too dark in its sectors. I believe this may be the case because I always get an initial lag when I open up a door that leads to a corridor when the lightning is at 0.

The custom map is in UDMF, and it has a lot of slopes. Also, I've been playing it on gzdoom at the max setting for its graphics.

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Darkness shouldn't affect performance. It's more likely to do with the complexity of the map, mainly abundance of dynamic lights and other special effects. Maybe also inefficient pk3 structure. If your pk3 simply contains multiple wads and each of them has its own sprites and/or textures, the performance might be worse than if you had all sprites in the standard "sprites" folder, etc. Also, take into consideration that every thing AI also takes processing time, in case your map contains lots of animated objects and/or monsters.

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In addition, Doom's sprites and textures work purely by software -at least in non-accelerated ports, and the larger they are, the higher the overall memory bandwidth you need -they need to be copied by the CPU to the VGA pixel by pixel, essentially, so even the best system for modern games may have a hard time with something 100% software-based.

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Seems like the lag was coming from the gzdoom opengl setting being too high for this particular mod. once I took off the filters it began running normally again.

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