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Custom Prologue?

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How Do I Create A Custom Prologue?

What I Mean Is When You Beat MAP06, A Prologue Appears And Then It Cuts To The Next Map.

How Do I Make One Of Those In Slade3?

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It's called "intermission text". In vanilla Doom, the texts are hardcoded to display after MAP06, after MAP11, before MAP31, before MAP32, after MAP20, and after MAP30. You can use DEHACKED to change the text strings - get WhackEd4 editor and create a DEHACKED patch that changes the respective texts, then insert it into your wad using SLADE3 and name the lump "DEHACKED".

However, DEHACKED cannot change the mapslots where the texts appear. To do that, you need to use MAPINFO, but keep in mind that MAPINFO is not vanilla compatible, only advanced ports can read it (primarily ZDoom). If you're making a map specifically for ZDoom and if you decide to use MAPINFO, then there is no need to use DEHACKED at all.

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Full feature reference + examples can be found on the wiki page I linked to, and the subpages linked from there, notably map definition and cluster definition. Feel free to study.

Anyway, here is a brief example usage for you. Make a text-based lump inside your wad and name it "MAPINFO". Then edit it as text and write this inside:

map MAP01 "My first map" {
    next = MAP02
    cluster = 1
map MAP02 "My second map" {
    cluster = 2

cluster 1 {
    exittext = "You have beaten MAP01 and now you will enter MAP02!"
The text should appear after completing MAP01.

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