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Some Questions

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I Have A Couple Of Questions About Sector Actions:

1. How Do I Make It Display "A Secret Has Been Revealed!" When A Secret Area Has Been Found?

2. How Do I Make The Lights Blink Randomly In A Sector?

3. How Do I Make Colored Lighting?

I Thank Whoever Helps Me.

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Colored lighting can easily be achieved through script, similar to the fade functions you've already used.

It depends on what you're going for with the lights, random at what speed, there are tons of sector lighting effects as well as scripts you could implement.

I know the code for db2: doom in hexen mode. It's 1024. (unless I'm having a presenior moment) but it's really easy to display the secret text. As long as you make the game consider a sector a secret, the text will be displayed automatically in zDoom or better.

Hope this helps :)

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1. In classic Doom format, it's sector effect number 9. In Hexen and UDMF formats, it's sector effect 1024 (you can also find it in generalized effects and combine with other effects as you wish).

2. There must be a sector effect for it too, see list of sector specials (they are different according to the map format you use, Doom or Hexen/UDMF).

3. Either use Color Setter things, Sector_SetColor script action, or preferably directly set color fields in sector properties (only in UDMF format).

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Hexen format and UDMF have the same sector specials, it's written on the page right below the "Hexen sector specials" chapter title.

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Is this all the same sector?

Somehow I get the feeling your troubles are coming from doing all that in one sector. When you use multiple effects in one sector, like I think you're doing, you can't always do it in the same way as you would doing just one effect.

If what I think is correct, your color change is creating a "fog-like" effect. This causes strange happenings in how brightness is shown to the player. An example can be seen by creating fog effects and testing the map with a light amplification visor item sitting nearby.

But we need more info.

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The Blinking Light I Figured Out Now.
However, The Colored Lighting Is Foggy.

Do I Need To Run It In OpenGL To Fix That?

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Setcolor should not apply a fog effect. That's what fade is for.

This was taken from the zdoom wiki page at:

The following script applies red coloring to any sector with a tag of 3 on map start.

Script 1 Open
  Sector_SetColor(const:3, 255, 0, 0);

Now this isn't for UDMF, but as explained in the link, you just replace colors with hexadecimal format. RRGGBB.

Try experimenting around with this on a dummy room, so you can more easily pinpoint the cause of the trouble.

I haven't done anything in UDMF, so my knowledge is limited, but if you're using Setcolor you should not see a fog effect.

The fog/fade page is here:

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Here's a link with a lot of good info. Note also the first 2 links under "Specification." It gets a little complicated; like I said, I haven't done much of anything in UDMF (being the hermit I am), but it should have all or most of what you need to learn to write script for UDMF:


The beginners guide doesn't mention any differences between the two, but here it is, with another Setcolor example for what I guess would be called ACS.common:


I always thought the formats were fairly similar/the same, but with different words (commands, identifiers) used, as well as the hexadecimal format of certain numbers. Sorry I can't be of more help, but this is about as far as I can take you on this one. :(

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