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Submit your Doom 3 maps to me

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As many of you know, there is no resource like /idgames for Doom3.
The closest I have is my humble little addition to the internet at Doom Wad Station.
I DO want to have that archive available for all. Let's face it - mod database and all the rest of them are a pain in the ass (though I do take the time to go through them to find the new stuff).
If you have a new map that you are releasing, let me know where it is, and I'll add it to the site:
Doom 3 archives on Doom Wad Station
Really, the only thing I would like to ask is that you follow the standard text conventions that /idgames does. So many of these projects don't even have a text file that describes the maps or how to load them that it's not even funny.
Aside from that - just tell me where I can get them and they are part of history, my friends. Because DWS isn't going anywhere

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Great work !!!

By the way, if i want to upload a mod for Doom 3, where is the place, to upload the .zip file into WAD Station ?

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rekko said:

There is also a mod that I haven't been able to find recently.



If anyone has a version could you upload it?

That looks REALLY interesting. Love mods about some of my favorite movies. :-)
If you find it, let me know. I'll put it on the site

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there is also a bunch of foreign Doom 3 maps/mods. They can be found on Russian/German forums (if the links are still alive, and that person can undesrtant that language.


But there are lots more. I'm also interested in finding new content.

I can remember a mod Serious Doom 3 and another one with a strange name.

I'll give it a look these days and maybe give you upload links. Doom 3 community is already pretty down. It cannot afford to lose the little content it has left.

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