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Moving camera not working?

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So, I'm trying to create my first cutscene with a moving camera and 4 interpolation points. I saw a tutorial for GZDoom in which he explains how to do it and I just can't get it to work. The camera change script works just fine, but it doesn't move. Also, I can't get it to show the arrows between the tagged camera and interpolation points. This is odd since the tags are OK, i've checked them way too many times already. The error that gives in game is "path needs at least 4 nodes". I tagged a moving camera and 4 interpolation points. The last interpolation point has no target tag since it's the last one, but everything else is fine. I'm not using tags that require High byte (highest tag is 45 or something). I do "activate_thing" the moving camera, since the camera change itself works, but it just won't move. Also the fact that no connecting arrows are present (and yes, i'm using GZDoom Builder) makes it more frustrating. Anything I could be missing?

Thank you in advance

EDIT: damn, just realized for some reason the interpolation points didn't have any class assigned for spawning. That did the trick so far, but it still doesn't explain why the arrows aren't there in the editor

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