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Question about cheats in PrBoom+

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What does the "God Mode isn't absolute" compatibility option mean? I know what "Powerup cheats isn't infinite duration" is. Does having it disabled mean you're completely invincible and cannot die at all, like the GOD2 cheat in latest ZDoom/GZDoom dev builds? Does having it enabled allow you to die with God Mode on when taking over 1000 points of damage, such as telefrags, just like in vanilla?

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* God mode isn't absolute

When this option is set to YES, the iddqd cheat does not stop telefragging
or "Down to 11%" exit sectors from hurting the player. When this option is
set to NO, God mode is absolute, and protects the player from all harm.

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Two more questions regarding this:

* Does it also protect you when Voodoo Dolls are telefragged?
* Is the option affected by complevels?

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