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teleport player with no fog?

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I'm trying to teleport the player with no fog in the middle of a camera interpolation in which the player is not visible (so as to conceal the teleport), and the script i'm using is an "OPEN" type, since it's the script the map starts with (a brief opening sequence). Because of this, I guess the game doesn't detect thep layer as the "activator" of the script, and I have to tag the player to the teleport script. For some reason, and this has happened before to me, tags don't work with the "player 1" thing. Any workaround for this? I was thinking about making it a (void) script that the player is forced to activate instantly when the game starts, but I don't know how to do it. Thank you!

EDIT: I made it by using an ENTER script to give a TID to the player, I tried to delete the post but it won't let me. Sorry if I'm spamming too much lol

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Simply because I need to test this every second, and I deactivate the OPEN script so that I can start at any point in the map I want. For testing flexibility, i set the player tid in a different script that only does that. the open script is an opening cutscene, that's why.

I ended up using the teleportother command and it worked, but thanks anyways

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